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Adrian Legion Argonne Post 32 Adopts The Heroes’ Welcome Project

April 26, 2013

Curt Hendel or other Legion members can help you or a loved one get in touch with a Legion member if you or a veteran you know needs to talk with someone. Curt’s email address is
by Kristine Kern

Review Staff Writer

More than 2 million Americans have been deployed during our war with Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Defense Manpower Data Center and Marine Corp Times almost half of those have served on multiple deployments. These deployed solders come home to their families, communities and jobs that have remained relatively the same but the soldiers have changed. Their experiences have been drastically different during their deployment than their “normal every day” routine. Everyone’s experience is different, for some it is relatively easy to step back into the routine of life after a deployment for others it is harder to adjust. Just as with these recently returning veterans, there could be a WWII veteran or Vietnam or Korean War veteran struggling with memories.

Curt Hendel and the Adrian Legion Argonne Post recognizes that sometimes it is easier for a soldier to speak with another soldier whether they are active or former military about their experiences or difficulties. The Adrian Legion has adopted The Heroes’ Welcome Project in March 2013. This is the beginning of a program intended to help all veterans and their families whether they are National Guardsmen and women, active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines coming off a deployment or even preparing for a deployment or basic training. The program is set up to offer veterans and their families someone who will listen and acknowledge the difficulties they may be experiencing and to assist them in finding and seeking professional help if needed.

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